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Project days plastic


"Mr. Kirsch showed us 5 machines which were very large, but also small. There was a huge furnace, not as an oven, as we know it. It was huge and blue. A laser machine has cut plastic shapes such For a bike, a horse or a motorcycle. " (Meryem)

"We were the first in the cutter. The cutter carved things in the plastic. Then we were in the cabinets, which produces the company for Aldi. The company Kirsch also manufactures car wheels for Porsche and Mercedes. Carving A laser of light a machine great thing made of plastic. with a machine you print images on plastic. Thanks to the company Kirsch for this great visit and for the presents. " (Tim and Francisco)

"The company was for me the most beautiful Firme, that I have seen. The most beautiful machine was the laser. The laser can cut plastic. The second most beautiful machine was the oven. The oven can turn plastic." (Mustafa)

"We are the mills that made holes in a board made of plastic inside. Then we went to the next machine, which has bent stuff. Then we went to the laser and has a bicycle, a horse and a motorcycle plastic lasered. we have seen how a machine has an image and as we were on it. Then we have a horse, a motorcycle and a bicycle plastic got and our project teacher has the same get as we and two hangers. Let us at the company Kirsch thank because they have let in us and have made an exciting tour. " (Linnea and Julia)

"At first we were in the milling. Then we went to the lasers that can cut through skin and bone. Then we went to the printer." (Coralie)

"When we arrived, we were thrilled Then he explained to us the various plastics We saw in the engine room different technique:... The largest machine, a machine with laser beam, the largest oven, the printer at the end we thank the company Kirsch that we were allowed to look around. " (Damian and Kenny)

On behalf of the Hardt school we would like to express our thanks to the company Kirsch Kunststofftechnik, especially Mr. M. Kirsch, Mrs. A. Kirsch and Mr. M. Träuble, for sharing your insights, the great gifts of plastic and the friendly contact. Above all, we look forward to the big plastic image for which we can find a worthy place in our school building.