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Industrial Plastics Engineering

  • synthetic polymers
  • custom made
  • efficient products

Innovation Plastic

flexible . practical . hygienic . modern . light . safe . transparent . durable

DIN 7724 classification of polymer materials results in specific mechanical properties such as plasticity, low density or toughness:

Why choose KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik

With our experience we utilise the extraordinary spectrum of physical and chemical attributes of plastics and enable a custom-made and extensible deployment.

Mechanical durability, plasticity, heat resistance, consistency and chemical processing enable the creation of more efficient products which make our everyday life more comfortable.

KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik is leading in the development of plastics as glass replacement. Thermal shaping, double glazing, antifog inner glass pane, scratchproof coating and lightweight offer not only an extended latitude compared to glass, but also increasing safety.


KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik has the experience in everyday as well as exceptional usage of plastics like development of prototypes:

We advise our customers on implementation and assist in choosing coatings, improvement of chemical resistance, glass replacement such as transparent plastics and customised technical modification – throughout the entire course from prototype to series production.

KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik is operating with UL94V0 authorised plastics with special glass-like properties used as a solution for non-flammable plastics.

Recycling up to 98% in Germany
light, relatively low density compared to glass or metal
transparent, clear, misty, flexible - glass replacement
mainly non-conductors, good insulators for electricity and heat
smooth surface, easy to clean, hygienic
no oxidation
water and partially acid resistant
extremely resistant in ordinary usage
"Tailor-made" variety of shapes
abrasion and scratch-resistant coating

KIRSCH Kunststofftechnik is operating with a large scale of plastic material – particularly and individually customised under one roof.